In this pulse-racing, emotionally charged debut, Cyrus Cooper is assigned as personal security to a top researcher only to find everyone is after her research and no one is who they seem. Are the studies creating victims or discovering new areas of the brain? Which agency can he trust when none of the earn it?

Xander Weaver unravels a story about a capable young man on a simple assignment who uncovers either a genius or a monster, depending on who he believes. When his boss changes his mission to something that couldn’t be legitimate, Cyrus must rely on his instincts and people he doesn’t know for answers.

In the midst of this exciting tale is a tender love story missing from most thrillers.

This one is definitely worth the read!

—Seeley James

Xander Weaver’s debut novel will have you screaming for the next installment of his Cyrus Cooper Series. In this first installment we are taken into a world of secret governmental agencies and science in a way that is fresh and exciting.

Cyrus, an operative for a group known as the Coalition is asked to infiltrate the life of Gertrude Waterford, an elderly, crotchety woman, who besides making everyone around her miserable, is also a neuroscientist running a classified project. His mission—keep her alive. Cyrus soon finds out that not everything is as it seems, in fact, this entire assignment is twisted. Twisted like a double helix.

An op that should be straight forward becomes convoluted when Cyrus meets Gertrude’s grandchildren—Ashley and William—both of whom have special genetic abilities.
We have all fantasized about having the ability to read people’s minds or being able to control others’ actions, but what if you really could? Would it be an asset or would it become disabling? What if you couldn’t leave your own home without hearing voices and all the vile things they thought about? What then?

Xander Weaver takes us into a world of genetic engineering that is too real to dismiss. The atrocities and scientific breakthroughs found within this thriller will leave you gasping for air and thankful for your “short comings.”

How far will someone go in the pursuit of “science,” and how far will the government go to acquire such knowledge?

“Dangerous Minds” is a riveting thriller with so many twists that you won’t be sure who the good guys are until the last page, and then you still may wonder.

I have just added Xander Weaver to my ‘authors not to miss’ file, and I eagerly await the next Cyrus Cooper Thriller.

—Mark Adduci

I thoroughly enjoyed the teasing manner in which the author unfolded the plot, drawing me in as the well-timed action scenes kept my heart rate up. The tech and weaponry are current, and the characters are well developed. Add to that the fact that the protagonist, Cyrus, uses unconventional “MacGyver-esque” methods for getting out of tight spots, and you’ve got an exciting read that’s hard to put down. With nicely-choreographed action scenes, a close-third-person style that allows the reader to sense the characters’ angst, feel their pain, and in some cases suffer their final breaths, this is a series that will leave you anxious to read the next installment. Well done!

—Richard Bard

I didn’t have any expectations going in with his book, being a debut novel. I was blown away, it does not read like the first book. I’ve read books by seasoned-authors that were not as well written and gripping as this was. If I had the time I would have read it cover to cover, as it was, I had to put it down reluctantly on a couple of occasions and what I found was that I continued to think about it, wondering where the story was going, what certain things meant. I loved that about it. The ending just leaves you wanting more…not in a bad way, just enough to keep you on the look out for book 2. I am looking forward to the next book already, keep an eye out for Xander Weaver he is the next name for great thrillers.

—K. Allenby

Début novelist Xander Weaver introduces an intriguing and exciting new character in Cyrus Cooper, a young agent working for a shadow organization. Weaver gives us a tantalizing glimpse into Cyrus’s past and special talents to make us want to see his story continue. Fast-paced and suspenseful with action and romance, this new series will be fun to follow.

—Daniel Barbier

Xander Weaver is off and running with this fast moving, intriguing and mysterious thriller. Cyrus Cooper is initially hired as the Personal Assistant to Gertrude Waterford. His assignment is to protect her from unknowns. That assignment quickly changes to one where he is to copy her labs computer records. In the mean time he falls for her granddaughter Ashley and gets involved with dealings that include her grandson William.

You do not want to miss this first release, it is that good.

—Jerry Zavada

I had a chance to review this novel prior to launch but because of a heavy schedule I couldn’t get to it. My loss. Finally having read Dangerous Minds I can’t wait to dive into the sequels. Xander Weaver has given us a great new hero in Cyrus Cooper. He writes him with the perfect combination of humor and cunning. He also crafts the rest of the story in an deep visual style that goes beyond what the characters see to what they feel and sense and imagine. Which only seems appropriate given the extraordinary technological plot he’s wrapped this story up in. Five stars. I’m so glad Book 2 is already out because I’m downloading it today.

—Graham Brown


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