Autographed Rogue Faction Part 2: A Cyrus Cooper Thriller: Book Three [Trade Paperback]

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Rogue Faction Part 2: Cyrus Cooper Book #3 Trade Paperback

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This is an autographed copy of the trade paperback book

Doctor Voss has a secret; a technological device that will literally change the course of medicine. But what promises to be an effective new treatment that will save lives, may also become the ultimate tool for espionage.

The protected compound where Voss works and his family lives, is now under siege from forces that will stop at nothing to claim this prize for themselves. Cyrus Cooper, a member and Agent of the Coalition, was ordered to infiltrate the ultra secure tower of steel and glass, but with each new secret uncovered, he begins to question the validity of his assignment. Is the Coalition trying to keep this new technology out of the hands of dangerous adversaries, or do they really want to claim it as their own? Would he have been given the assignment if the Coalition had known about his history with Natasha, Voss’s oldest daughter? Or, was he assigned to the case predicated on a past he has tried desperately to hide?

Allegiances will be tested and deceptions exposed before the dust settles. And in the end…who will be the last man standing when the bullets stop flying?

The latest chapter in the Cyrus Cooper Thriller series concludes with, “Rogue Faction: Part 2.”

Pages: 362

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