Autographed Dangerous Minds: A Cyrus Cooper Thriller: Book One [Trade Paperback]

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Dangerous Minds: Cyrus Cooper Book #1 Trade Paperback

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This is an autographed copy of the trade paperback book

When test subjects participating in secret experiments begin to die mysteriously, Cyrus Cooper, the youngest agent of the ‘Coalition’—a secret law enforcement organization—is assigned to prevent the program’s lead researcher from being the next victim. But there’s a catch: The seventy-four-year-old neuroscientist, Gertrude Waterford, has flatly refused any type of protective detail. Cyrus goes undercover, taking a position as a personal assistant in order to enter the life of the brash, elderly scientist. When multiple attempts are made on her life, however, not only must Cyrus protect the headstrong lady, but he must also uncover the truth behind the mysterious attacks before it’s too late.

His job might’ve been easier if he’d been fully briefed on the nature of Waterford’s research. After working for decades to genetically trigger different paranormal gifts in her patients, she’s made some unusually powerful and extremely dangerous enemies. Cyrus uncovers a world of genetic manipulation, with specific efforts aimed at mind control, telepathic communication, and remote viewing. The further he digs, the harder it becomes to decide whether the threat against Waterford is from the outside, or a rogue patient who is already close to Waterford.

Cyrus Cooper’s efforts take him from high-rise apartments to secret underground research facilities, with stops at forgotten rendition sites and forsaken mental institutions along the way. And as the threats grow in force and number, Cyrus faces a race against time, and a war where all the players on the battlefield are anything but trustworthy. The young spy must sort fact from fiction while protecting Gertrude Waterford and trying to solve the mystery of who is out destroy her work.


“Weaver’s debut is a tense ride through the seamier sides of science, technology, the mind, and the paranormal. Gripping action and intrigue, brilliant escapes, and a whole lot of fun. Cyrus Cooper is a fascinating new hero.”
—Kane Gilmour, Bestselling Author of Ragnarok and Resurrect

“Xander Weaver delivers a debut thriller with energy, depth, and twists rarely seen from experienced authors. A must-read for any thriller lover.”
—Seeley James, author of BRING IT, and other Pia Sabel thrillers

Pages: 282

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