Autographed Halon-Seven: A Cyrus Cooper Thriller Book Four [Trade Paperback]

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Halon-Seven: Cyrus Cooper Book #4 Trade Paperback

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This is an autographed copy of the trade paperback book

The untimely death of an elderly scientist results in an unexpected inheritance for Cyrus Cooper.  Cyrus, still trying to find his identity after leaving the Coalition, is at first reluctant to accept the lofty windfall—a mountain retreat bequeathed to him by a man he hardly knew. He quickly finds that he has no choice. His first night there, hidden truths begin revealing themselves, pulling him into a conspiracy with vast and dire consequences. Discovering that the late scientist had devised a new technology—one that has been forever classified as science “fiction”—Cyrus is suddenly immersed in a realm that even he finds difficult to believe.

The events surrounding the scientist’s death become eerily suspicious, forcing Cyrus to investigate. It stands to reason; if his work was legit and this new technology on the level, every nation on the planet would kill to possess it. Once in hand, the purveyor would wield a truly revolutionary weapon.

Because of this mystery, Cyrus Cooper is forced once more into a life that he’d forsaken, tasked with his most impossible and dangerous mission to date. To secure the old man’s crowning achievement, he must first uncover the truth behind his death. And, in doing so, expose a much larger conspiracy that has been in motion since the beginning of the 20th-Century.

Will sedition and vengeance prevail, or will Cyrus Cooper stop the scheme before a nightmare is unleashed?

Pages: 532

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